Fall Retreat is an event we take our students to in the fall. This event is for all of Northwestern Ohio and the other Nazarene churches on our district. Fellow student blievers come together and gather at our district camp center in Saint Marys Ohio. Here we worship together, play games like gaga ball, basketball, dodgeball, messy relay races, and many more activities of that sort. We stay up late, talk, play various games, and truly enjoy these moments of fellowship with one another; meeting new people is one of the perks this event has to offer. Not only are students worshiping with other like-minded teens, but they also get to know students from other school districts and hear about their stories. This event is truly one that reminds our youth, the church is not just local but also outside of our community.

If you have a student who is looking to make connections with other fellow believers beyond their local community, then this event is perfect for them. We hope to see your teens at our next Fall Retreat this November!